At Partners In Sharing…

We believe in giving back to the community.
We believe in leading by example and working together to forge real and lasting change.
We believe in the power of focused giving to individual charities.

Our Mission:

To develop Partners In Sharing organizations in communities all over the nation with the mission of focused giving and support to local charities.

How It Works…

Businesses pledge to donate a portion of every sale to local non-profit organizations in their communities.

Participating businesses follow a Code of Ethics, because our mission isn’t just about giving, it is also about leading by example.

Every time you do business with a Partners in Sharing Company you are helping to support our community.

Dave Tewalt, the founder of Partners In Sharing,

“It’s About Giving”

I’ve always been a giver. That feeling you get when you help someone is magical. In fact I wanted to do more, to make a real difference.

For over 10 years I have been asking myself What If….You see the goal has always been to develop a new business model that everyone wins – businesses, customers, charities. But in the process together let’s give back and make a huge impact in our community.

Partners In Sharing was created.

What if….we put together a group of elite businesses and gave them the resources and tools to grow their businesses with a mostly Done For You business model that was affordable and would greatly increase their ROI in the process.

What if the businesses teamed up with their customer base so every time they did work for them a small portion of the invoice would go to help a local charity.

What if the customer with just a check mark could choose which charity received the donation.

What if we had six designated charities that have committed to let their support base know to seek out and do business with Partners In Sharing businesses. That would be thousands and thousands of eager potential new customers seeking you out.

What if we did a personal newsletter for every Partner In Sharing business and it was sent out to each businesses customer base promoting your business as a referral partner. That’s another potential of thousands of new customers that were referred to you.

Well my friend all of the above is now a reality, we are making a huge impact in the community we live in.

“It’s About Giving” and it feels awesome!

Dave Tewalt
Dave Tewalt
former owner of
Integrity Plumbing
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