Letting you be the Hero in someone's life, because you cared enough to give.
Partners In Sharing is a never done before business model with 3 elements in mind
Businesses - WIN. Customers - WIN. Charities - WIN.
IMAGINE getting in on the ground floor of a "never done before" business revolution unlike anything you've ever seen...
NOW IMAGINE it was limited so in your area of expertise you were one of only two or three allowed giving you a huge advantage over your competitors...
The majority of the system is "DONE FOR YOU"... providing you with benefits that boggle the mind...
Hurry, we are filling available openings FAST.
Don't be left OUT... This is an incredible opportunity to increase profits, referrals, and so much more.

Happiness Guarantee

You will be so happy with our service, you can't help but tell others.
Customized newsletter for your company - sent out every 4-6 weeks
Free and powerful social media promotions
Mastermind Group
Thank you card follow up system
Exclusive use of Partners In Sharing logo and branding
Website landing page
* Huge customer retention
* More referrals than you have ever had
* Thousands and thousands of customers looking for your services
* ROI that will make you smile

Many other benefits... All I can say is WOW!

BONUS: Be one of the first 25 to sign up in your area and receive 2 FREE months of service!

Giving Back

That's what... WE DO
Giving Customers Peace Of Mind With Referral Certified™ Businesses.
Giving Businesses Tremendous Growth Thru Referrals & Customer Retention.
Giving Charities Increased Donations & Volunteers.

Business Owners

WHAT IF... you could save thousands of dollars because of better customer retention and increase your new customer referrals 10 times?

You Can!

WHAT IF... you are known and respected in the community because you are a giver?

You Will Be!


WHAT IF... everyone that came to your house was a referral from someone you trusted?

They will be!

WHAT IF... everytime a company did work at your house, with just a checkmark, you can give back to a charity of your choice?

You Can!


WHAT IF... there was a group of businesses that donated thousands of dollars to you every month?

There is!

WHAT IF... no only money but they volunteered their time also thru the Ambassador Club?

There is!

What if Customers, Businesses, and Charities always received "More Than Expected™"?
That's what... WE DO!

Charitable Giving Program

Partners in Sharing has partnered with 6 local charities to give back to the community. 

Each of our members commit to donating a portion of every sale on behalf of their customers to the charity of their choosing.

This fosters a level of customer loyalty that is unmatched. 

By allowing your customers to know that you are supporting the local community in this way, you are separating yourself from your competition and impressing upon them your commitment to these charitable services so needed today. 

In addition, as part of our association with these charities, they have agreed to send mailings to the thousands of patrons that are on their current mailing lists, promoting Partners in  Sharing local companies.

You will be able to advertise using their logos and brand your company a Partner in Sharing member that gives back to the community every day.

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