Benefits to Businesses

There is an initial set up fee. There is also a monthly membership fee. Membership is for a minimum of 12 months.
The cost for these in relation to the Retention / Referral income is minimum.
If after the full 12 month membership you feel and can show that you did not receive additional exposure, retention, referrals 6 months of your membership will be returned.
THIS PROGRAM IS MOSTLY A DONE FOR YOU SYSTEM with very minimum required from you. Our goal is for you to substantially increase Customer Retention and for you to have more Referrals than you have ever received!
As we go thru some of the benefits please realize that the benefit value to you is so much more.
Newsletter Every 4-6 Weeks
We design and send it out to your customers plus you get extra copies to leave. Imagine the time and effort to produce a newsletter, copy writing, layout, pictures, it’s a big under taking. You will receive up to 200 newsletters every 4-6 weeks. The newsletter will primarily showcase the charities and tell about the Partners In Sharing mission, with an insert with all the Partner In Sharing businesses listed. Plus you can have your own sales insert also for a minimum additional charge. With thousands going out to motivated interested supporters you will retain existing customers, and gain many new ones. We will provide the newsletters, envelopes, help you label them and get them ready to send…you provide the postage only. Every 4-6 weeks a positive message being sent out to thousands. Plus being sent to your customers will keep you in front of them and add valuable customer RETENTION.
(Value: $450)
SOC Follow Up System
We design thank-you cards with your logo, birthday, gifts up to 100 cards sent monthly N/C. This is by far the best follow up system available. We are the EXPERTS that will be with you to design cards, customize campaigns, show you how to send gifts, set up automatically a 5 step follow up system. And so much more. We will train you to become experts also. A thank-you card is the single most important thing you can do. With everyone of your customers receiving a thank-you card they will continue to use you and will be telling others about you. Great source for continued business and referrals.
(Value: $500)
Exclusive use of Partners In Sharing logo, branding
We team up with you to get exposure for you. We encourage you to use the Partners logo so it becomes recognized and you are branded as a giver. We have 6 powerful charities that have agreed to use our logo. That’s thousands and thousands of their loyal supports that are looking for Partners In Sharing businesses to buy from. HUGE! Talk about exposure plus the newsletter all I can say is WOW. Yes you will receive additional business.
(Value: $500)
Web site exposure and landing page
Our web site plus we will help you update yours as needed. With you on our web site plus we will help you if yours needs updated. When we link the two together the exposure will increase.
(Value: $350)
Access to powerful social media programs
Partners In Sharing plus programs for your individual business. With facebook, twitter and the many other social media outlets we will actively be involved. The charities are ready to do a social blitz to get the word out. Imagine everyones’s facebook group advertising check out “Partners In Sharing” I have one follower that has thousands of followers and she said every week she would let her group know about us. What if everyone did the same. Plus we will have a blog where we will tell stories and we want you to be part of our blog team.
(Value: $600)
Access to graphic designers, copywriters, video, wed designers
Deep discounts, free consulting. We have a group of some of the best creative minds in the area. If you were to go and get pricing from them, because they have agreed to be in Partners In Sharing your price is HALF of what everyone else pays. Major benefit.
(Value: $1000's)
Mastermind Group – every 6 weeks
Valuable group insights and sharing. You have the opportunity to have your fellow business owners help with issues, give insight to new ideas, and support each other. Listen I know people that pay $25,000 to $100,000 a year to belong to Mastermind groups. The benefit received could be worth thousands!
(Value: $300)
Family and Friends letter
Powerful additional exposure and referrals. We often shy away from doing business with family and friends, but what a great source to refer to your fellow business partners. Imagine if we have 25-30 businesses sending out our newsletter with an awesome cover letter. Yes you will receive referrals. BTW we have a special way to send these so they will be opened.
(Value: $400)
Charity Events
Monthly events with thousands of additional exposure. Okay let’s get real. The combined 6 charities will have approximately 20 events during the year. Partners In Sharing will be attending all of them. The charities will allow us to have a banner with our logo at every event. Remember a large part of these supporters were already exposed by way of newsletter, social media blast etc. Plus the many new guests that attend these events will now see and learn about Partners. HUGE exposure many times a year means thousands of people will be referred to and looking to do business with YOU!
(Value: $700)
Maximum Business exclusive exposure
Only 2 businesses from each category. This is BIG, BIG, all the benefits that Retain customers, Follow-up system, Referrals your competition can only watch and wish they could be a part of. Remember ONLY 2 from each category. Yes you will be the one saving and receiving thousands of additional business income every month. Don’t be left OUT!!!
(Value: $500)
Copy Writing
Listen great copy writing makes you money! Usually the minimum for a great sales letter of flyer is in the area of $5000 or more and if the results are there that is a bargain. Your first flyer is at no charge. After the results of the first you will gladly pay for the next one. BTW we are not charging $5000 yet.
(Value: $500)

The #1 Reason & Benefit to Belong to Partners in Sharing

Customer Retention & Referrals

(Value: $Priceless)
Plus there will many other additional benefits. We will always be looking to improve and help you grow and become more profitable.
Even though this is primarily a DONE for YOU system we want you to help us make it better. Your ideas and input will be gratefully received.

Tell us what else you need and want!

This has been a 20 year dream that we have decided the time is now to get it done!

We’ve invested over $100,000 to get the program to where it is today.

We are ready to make this a powerful and fun journey.
We need to talk this program offers even more than has been mentioned.


Initial Setup Fee:
$1295 NO, $995 NO, $695 NO, $395 NO
For the initial "Prove it" Pod...
ONLY $195
Monthly Fee:
$995 NO, $795 NO, $595 NO
For the initial "Prove it" Pod...
ONLY $495
Program minimum value ----- $6000.00+
Our job at Partners In Sharing is to even give you “more than Expected” We will work with you to track the results. It will take a few months to get going strong but our minimum goal is for you to make $2000 more each month. We believe you will be amazed at how much more than that you will receive.

Let’s Get to WORK!

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