Just The Facts

"Just the Facts"

There are 2 items that most businesses do NOT do well...
Customer Retention
And Follow Up
We will increase your REFERRALS by up to 10 times or more...

Partners In Sharing

With our DONE for YOU system, we will take care of these 2 costly problem for you!
Getting you more Referrals than you have ever had, in fact, it is going to be Incredible.  You will also save thousands of $$ you are now spending with very little return on your investment.


In the U.S. alone, over 90%+ of business do NOTHING to retain customers.  ZERO...
Two Bilion dollars is spent on customer retention programs... WHILE over 180 Billion dollars is spent on Advertising!
Wow, what a difference

Where Does the Customer Go?

Average business loses 10% -30% (or more.. national avergage being 25%) of their customers yearly...
  • 68% - leave because of indifference / poor customer service
  • 14% - unhappy with the prouct
  • 9% - decided to go to your competitor
  • 5% - looking for an alternative
  • 1% - passed away
So what is your customer retention program?
How's that working for you? You really don't have one do you?

Guess What, We Have One Designed Just For You

Just a 2% customer retention is the same as cutting your business cost by over 10%
A 5% increase in customer retention (depending on industry) will INCREASE PROFITS BY...
25% - 100% HUGE NUMBERS
Solid customer retention can be the determining factor of whether your business succeeds or fails.
Let's not get this wrong, shall we?


On AVERAGE, it will cost you 5 Times More acquiring a new customer than satisfying and retaining your current customer.
Companies that PRIORITIZE awesome customer experiences generate 60% higher profits than their competitors.
  • Your satisfied customer, on average, will tell 9 people how happy they were...
  • Unsatisfied customers tells an average of 22 people about their crappy experience... ouch!

80% of your future profits...

will come from 20% of your existing customers.  Sounds like customer retention is HUGE! So let's get it done and save and make you an incredible amount of additional "PROFITS" with our done for you system.

Why would I want to spend MONEY on customer retention?

  • Cheaper, reduces my overall marketing costs
  • Existing customers spend more
  • They are not as concerned about prices
  • They will refer us more often
  • They will give honest feedback
  • They want to stay with and receive awesome service
  • Majority of my profits come from existing customers
  • Etc... Etc...

In Addition...

We give you an opportunity to STAND FOR SOMETHING by giving back.

It's so easy the customer will LOVE teaming up with you... and referring you to others!

How are we going to 10x your referrals and grow your business while retaining happy customers? 

IMAGINE getting not just 1 additional referral but 10 or more every month.  What would that do for your bottom line? Better get ready because that is going to happen.
Partners in Sharing have put together one of the most innovative and positive programs to grow your business through giving that has ever been created.