Who We Are

This is about Giving

The economy has affected many small businesses, including mine, I wanted to do something to help the small businesses, the customer, and charities.

I wanted to build a culture of GIVING.
What if Customers, Businesses, and Charities always received "More Than Expected™"? That's what... WE DO!
— Dave Tewalt

My name is Dave Tewalt ...

and I’m the founder of Integrity Plumbing. Over the many years of plumbing (over 40) I’ve always tried to be aware of others in need. I’ve helped many people and organizations and done work at no cost or at a very minimal price.

Every time I’ve helped someone it makes me feel good and it seems the old saying what goes around comes around is true. I’ve been blessed with loyal friends ( I’ve always believed the first time I do work for you, you’re a customer, the next time you’re a friend)

Partners In Sharing – is the accumulation of ideas that I’ve been working on for many years. The timing couldn’t be better.
The customer is wondering who can they trust, the small business is asking how do I survive and grow, the charities are wondering how do we generate additional funds?
partners in sharing co-founder

Dave Tewalt

Dave Tewalt
former owner of
Integrity Plumbing
When you use a certified Partners In Sharing business a portion of the invoice total will go to a charity that you choose.

Everyone WINS

The business gets additional referrals, the customer gets a business they can trust, and the charities get additional much needed income!! THIS IS ABOUT GIVING and you letting everyone you know to use a Partners In Sharing business, because when you do together we will make a difference!